Sunday, February 13, 2011

Asia Born - Send Them - 1993 (Solesides)

This rip is taken from the Solesides Greatest Bumps compilation on vinyl. No pops or clicks were removed 'cause I like things dirty like that. The track is self produced by Asia Born.

As you can see DJ Shadow's Entropy was the b-side. I might post that later but but for now you've got Asia Born.  Tom Shimura (aka Asia Born) eventually changed his moniker to Lyrics Born. I'm sure I will post the excellent Lady Don't Tek No from his Latyrx collab with Lateef the Truth Speaker at some point in the future.

Just a note, for the time being I will be posting rips from my Technics SL-3200 (until I get my 1200's back from a friend). I have an awesome vintage AudioTechnica cartridge that I might decide to experiment with. The current setup is an Ortofon Red cart on an SL-3200 using the phono stage of a Yamaha CA-610 Natural Sound amp into an M-Audio Firewire Audiophile. I've recorded this in Ableton Live 8 at 32bit/96khz then exported as a 24bit/96khz aiff file and normalized on export. You can remove pops if you want, I'm not bothering, the physical records are the focus of this blog.

24 Bit/96 khz - Apple Lossless File (86mb)

320kbps MP3 (9mb)

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