Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dream Warriors - Wash Your Face In My Sink - 1990 (Island)

I remember this song coming out. I was 9 years old and up in Orillia for the summer... my brother and I were religiously taping the Top 5 at Five on AM640 The Hog every afternoon as my parents BBQ'd dinner. My brother and I both instantly burst into uncontrollable laughter when we heard this song. We annoyed the hell out of my parents with that tape all summer. Ever since there has always been something about this song that makes me smile. This is the "radio mix" from a promo 12" I found for $4 at Sonic Boom a couple years ago.

Here's the cover of the proper album:

Same deal on the rip as the last one.

Apple Lossless 24bit/96khz (72MB)

320 kbps MP3 (7MB)

Grooveshark instant gratification:

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