Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Charles Mingus - Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me - 1961 (Atlantic Records)

I thought I would change it up a bit. Here's one of my all time favourite musicians at probably his most accessible to a wider audience (read, non-jazz nerd audience). Mingus' piano playing is awesome... amazing vocal too. If you aren't too familiar he's a bassist first and foremost. Everyone playing on this album is individually worth checking out, but if you haven't spent much time with Roland Kirk I recommend looking him up. 

Personnel on this album were:

  • Charles Mingus – piano and vocals
  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk – flute, siren, tenor saxophone, manzello, and strich
  • Booker Ervin – tenor saxophone
  • Jimmy Knepper – trombone
  • Doug Watkins – bass
  • Dannie Richmond – drums

You know, the atomic bomb... it's this crazy thing that we never seem to think about anymore. I mean, it's still there, right now, pointed at you. 

You, me, and everyone we know has gone through their entire lives with a gun pointed at their head.  As you sit there and read this (if you are in a major city anyway) there is still a man on the other side of the world that's about 4 minutes away at any given time from killing you and everyone you've ever loved.  We've gotten so used to not thinking about it or talking about it... the collective amnesia is kind of scary. 

And what is even scarier is that as long as they exist... on a long enough timeline... they will be used eventually, for certain, that's just reality. 

Have a nice night.

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